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Hair I Stand by Valerie Tomlin

Valerie Tomlin is a Londoner with a West Indian heritage. This book is both a recollection of her experiences growing up in London in the 1960s and 70s, and a commentary on the importance of hair for black women. More than being

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Scientific research Down Under, 1960s-style

I worked with Pat Stevenson on her book Enigma 1960, the first in the series Snakes and Ladders in Ivory Towers, for two years. And now it’s been published by The Glastonbury Company, soon to be available on Amazon. It’s

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New Book – The Power of Difference

I’ve been working with Dana Morris-Jones for about two years on her book, The Power of Difference: From Conflict to Collaboration in Five Steps. It’s been quite a journey, with a few unexpected turns along the way, and I’ve learned

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