Why Appreciative Editing?

I work on hard copies of manuscripts where that is the client’s wish. In addition, I am familiar with and happy to provide commentary in MS Word, Adobe pdfs and InDesign documents.

I will:

  • check and correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, typos, language use and more
  • ensure accuracy in formatting, references, citations, layout, fonts and spacing
  • ensure consistent use of words and meanings, headings, table of contents, figures and tables
  • provide editing that balances correct and accurate writing with your tone of voice and style


Practical advice and support

From start to finish, I will work with you to understand your needs, providing email and phone support when you need it, making practical suggestions to improve English use, expand key points, point out issues, remove ambiguity and enhance clarity.

Enhance your work for your intended audience

I will:

  • ensure that the language and style of your document is appropriate for your intended audience
  • make suggestions to improve the structure, style and flow of your work
  • check for jargon and redundant content
  • work with you to improve your document